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Yay! New Store

I am so excited to be writing this post. After a sixteen month stint in my studio designing a bunch of different things I am finally ready to rejoin the world. What I mean by that is, I am opening a new store. I guess you could call it passion or obsession or just what makes me happy but I love sharing with people. I've always said that I am a terrible "salesperson" I just like to tell people what I love about the things I sell. It might be the amazing materials or the inventive design or it might just be the simple awesomeness of the person or company that produced it. Either way it all hinges on a...

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Stuff I LOve

I was talking to a customer one day and telling her how much I love every piece in my store and that I don’t buy it if I don’t really respond to it. She then said “Oh, I get it! You named it silo, short for Stuff I LOve!”  I burst into laughter at that very idea and told her she should be in advertising. So now, stuff I love will be a way for me to focus on a single product or manufacturer and give you a little backstory. For this first Stuff I Love, I want to present the questionnaire that I will put to my highlighted vendor. Here goes. What was your first favorite item from your childhood? What’s...

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