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Y Silo

Another question I get asked all the time is, "Why did you name the store Silo?" The first thing that came to me was the concept of American made. It has been something I have been watching for many years. The exit of American manufacturing of every day items has concerned me since the 80’s. Yes, I was born in 1970. I knew I wanted to open a store with a conscience not just a place to sell people stuff. I had been thinking about this concept for a few years before actually doing it and had been told by many people that there wouldn’t be anything to sell because we don’t make anything any more. I just had to...

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High Fives and Hand Shakes

This has become a quick way for me to describe a certain customer that loves to come into my store and thank me for what I am doing.  They offer me a high five or a hand shake and walk out of the store without buying a single thing. Now, don’t get me wrong, I know my store has a look and feel that is new and I know that American Made Modern is something I made up, but consumers need to realize the great power we have. We can change the world through our spending decisions. As soon as we, as consumers, give clear signals about what we will and will not spend our money on, we can control...

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Raising an Entrepreneur

    People always come to my store, meet me and ask where did I get the courage to open a business in these times.  This question always surprises me until I really think about it and realize that for most people starting a business in any economy is a somewhat un attainable goal. I was lucky that my parents raised me to be an entrepreneur, workaholics who rolled the dice on about 25 different business ventures, my parents made it feel normal. My childhood was spent squished in the back seat of some real estate agent’s car looking at properties to flip or potential business locations. We spent our evenings coming up with funny slogans, and tag lines for pretend...

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